This Land is your Land: American Literature of the 1930s

The American 1930s are defined by the Great Depression that devastated the lives of many people and destabilized economy and society alike. With the great suffering, also came protest against the dire consequences of unconstrained capitalism and hope for a better future (though there was no agreement about how it would be better how and for whom).

Reading texts from that decade (and a little earlier) we will explore writing from the left, the American South, and other writers who experienced the hope and hopelessness of the decade. We will read texts by well-known and lesser-known writers including William Faulkner, Katherine Anne Porter, Zora Neale Hurston, John Steinbeck, Nathaniel West, Richard Wright, Woody Guthrie, and Tillie

12 מפגשים | ימי ה' 9:30 | 420 ₪ | 5.03.20

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