Love and Literature

For a long time now, poets, writers, and philosophers have been asking: what is love? What is the binding force that ties people together? Why do we use the same word for loving a romantic partner, a parent, a child, one’s county, one’s God, and even one’s cellphone? Is love just a human emotion or a universal principle? And why (oh, why) does love makes us such fools? The course will skip around the history of (mostly Western) literature looking for some possible answers for these questions.

Among other texts, we will read selections from Plato, chivalric romances, Petrarch, Dante, Philip Sidney, Jane Austen, John

Keats, and Nicole Krauss. 

ימי ה' 9:30 | 7.11.19 | 12 מפגשים | בית התרבות | 420 ₪

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